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Louisiana Cajun recipes and Fishing spots

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Being a Louisiana Native, and having spent a great deal of my time in the southern part of the state as well as the Texas coast during the past several years, I've had the good fortune to have eaten the best Cajun food in some of the best restaurants using some of the best Cajun recipes our state offers.

      Not only do I love Cajun Cuisine, fresh seafood and all the food of Louisiana,  I've managed to gather a few of the best authentic Cajun recipes and tips along the way from my friends in South Louisiana. I'll share many of those recipes among other good stuff to know, from time to time on this site, like how to catch Louisiana redfish, or  how to make a roux for gumbo.

     Louisiana Cajun or Creole food flavors are like no other served in the world. Trust me, I've sampled nearly all of it. From the swanky Casino restaurants and 4 star resorts across the country to the little mom and pop places where the locals dine every Friday night on the best dishes made from the best authentic Cajun recipes in the state.

     There's no food like Louisiana food, especially our Seafood Gumbo or Crab meat Stuffed Flounder. Visitors from all over the world visit Louisiana just to sample our unusual Cajun food and it's rich flavors. Some go for New Orleans cooking. Others, to Avery Island to visit the Tabasco factory  (highly recommended) and some just pull their cars into the parking lot of a small, but tasty Louisiana homegrown restaurant, located on a back country road that doesnt even have a name. Those are the Louisiana restaurants I'll tell you about as well as share my favorite recipes and fishing areas like the Cameron Jetties. So for now, I'll leave you with this piece of advice: 

     If someone in Louisiana wants to serve you some freshly caught redfish grilled outdoors on the "half shell", or authentic South Louisiana boiled crawfish, seafood gumbo, jambalaya or something you've never eaten while you're visiting our state, ....thank them, because they're paying you the highest compliment one can receive.

     Bring the family, a hearty appetite and be prepared to enjoy some of the finest recipes, flavors and spices in the world. Visit the "more articles" section near the top left of this page for more Cajun recipes and other information.

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